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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Shopping List: February 27th-March 4th

The Shopping List showcases exciting new releases for the upcoming week :0)

"Partials" by Dan Wells (My Review)
"Pandemonium" by Lauren Oliver

"Perception" by Kim Harrington
"Shooting Stars" by Allison Rushby (My Review)

"A Touch Morbid" by Leah Clifford
"Torn" by Amanda Hocking

"Allegiance" by Kayla Kluver
"Ripper" by Stefan Petrucha
"The Lifeguard" by Deborah Blumenthal


  1. So many amazing books coming out this week!

  2. PARTIALS! :D So excited for that one. I've seen tons of gushing reviews, so next time I go to the store, that one is definitely being picked up. I'm also interested in Pandemonium, though some of the spoilers I've seen in people's reviews have made me more than a little bit wary.



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