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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pining For: Macmillan Summer 2012

Macmillan has a whole heap of awesome YA imprints and they all have so many amazing upcoming books! Which means this video is a little bit longer than the others have been, but it's full of pretty covers and great stories I am so excited to read! I just know some of these are going to end up being my new favorites :0)

"Auracle" Gina Rosati
I don't think I've read a book where the main character can astral project, but it sounds like it could be epic.

"Between You & Me" Marisa Calin
Drama in drama club! Plus I love those glasses on the cover.

"Dark Companion" Marta Acosta
I love books with boarding schools and I love characters with secrets. Double win!

"Girl of Nightmares" Kendare Blake
I cannot wait to find out what happens next with Cas and crew. And I have to know where Anna ended up!

"Glitch" Heather Anastasiu
A world with no pain or war, that is bound to have some explosive consequences!

"The Hunt" Andrew Fukuda
Do I want to read a story where humans are near extinction, of course I do!

"Just Flirt" Laura Bowers
A girl who spends the summer flirting with all the boys at her parents campground, so fun!

"Monument 14" Emmy Laybourne
I'm definitely intrigued by the idea of a bunch of kids stranded in a superstore. I don't think I will be able to look at Wal-mart the same after reading :0)

"Of Poseidon" Anna Banks
This one sounds fantastic! I love that she can communicate with fish. I love the name Galen, and I love that part of it is set in Florida!

"Pizza, Love and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous" Kathryn Williams
A contemporary romance with cooking! I love contemps and I love food, so how could this be wrong?

"Shadow & Bone" Leigh Bardugo
Kingdoms, powers and flesh eating monsters! Plus I hear this one has awesome maps :0)

"Something Like Normal" Trish Doller
I am so ready to read this one! It sounds like it's going to be emotional and maybe even a little dark at times, but I just know it's going to be great!

"Struck" Jennifer Bosworth
The main character is a lightning addict, do you really need to know anything else?

"This is Not a Test" Courtney Summers
Courtney Summers and zombies. I'm not sure it's possible for this book to be bad!

"Unbreak My Heart" Melissa Walker
I'm intrigued that it's told in alternating timelines and it really just sounds like a solid contemp.

"The Unquiet" Jeannine Garsee
This one sounds seriously dark and maybe a little crazy!

"Wake" Amanda Hocking
I love Amanda Hocking, so I didn't really need any other information than that to pine for this, but then to find out it's a story about sirens. Must read!


  1. "Auracle" Gina Rosati
    "Glitch" Heather Anastasiu
    "Just Flirt" Laura Bowers
    "Monument 14" Emmy Laybourne
    "Of Poseidon" Anna Banks
    "Something Like Normal" Trish Doller
    "Struck" Jennifer Bosworth

    All on my list of to read!!!!

  2. Me want:

    Between You & Me
    Shadow and Bone
    Something Like Normal

    You can request some of them on Netgalley.

  3. WOW, macmillan is becoming one of my favorite publishers! look at all those awesome books!!!

    - juhina

  4. Glitch is probably on the top of my list from Macmillian. And Auracle sounds awesome, too! I'm pretty sure Unbreak My Heart is from Bloomsbury, though . . .

    1. UNBREAK MY HEART is Bloomsbury, but when I was browsing the Macmillan Young Readers 2012 catalog, it had all the Bloomsbury titles. So they must be somehow affiliated.

  5. Poseidon looks great. Definitely going to add to me reading list. :)

  6. So much awesome! The Hunt and Monument 14 both look like awesome apocalyptic/dystopians. I'm super excited for Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff since I love contemps with food too! And This Is Not a Test! Nothing really rivals my love for zombie books :P



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