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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday - Cold Fury

"Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly event hosted over at Breaking the Spine, that showcases our most wanted upcoming releases.
Going with another paranormal this week! This one sounds so awesome, I just had to share :0)
"Cold Fury" by T.M. Goeglein
*Release Date: July 24th, 2012*

Sara Jane Rispoli is just a normal sixteen-year-old girl coping with school and a developing crush— until her parents and younger brother are kidnapped, and she discovers her family has been a key figure of Chicago’s Outfit (aka the mob) for decades. Her father, grandfather and great grandfather all used their special ability, cold fury, to settle disputes between the two mob factions—the muscle and the money. And unless Sara wants the mob to think her now missing family has turned state’s evidence, she will have to fill her father’s shoes as the mob’s peacemaker, using her own cold fury.

What could possibly be wrong with a paranormal mob story? Nothing, that's what. This sounds so unbelievably cool and I can't wait to dive into Rispoli family's story and learn about their cold fury. Alos, it doesn't hurt that the main character and I share a first name :0)


  1. I hadn't heard of this one but it definitely sounds different and totally awesome :)

  2. Its amazing how creative author's can get. A paranormal mob story! I can see why this made your WOW



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