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Monday, October 31, 2011

Stories in Pictures...The Movies I love :0)

I LOVE books (obviously), but I'm also a big movie fan. I like all types of movies and I love sharing them with my friends and family. SO... I'm doing this nifty little feature so that I can spotlight one of my favorite movies each week. It can be old, new, weird or mainstream. Anything can happen :0)

This week I am spotlighting one of my favorite movies of all time!

Saved! (2004)

When a girl attending a Christian high school becomes pregnant, she finds herself ostracized and demonized, as all of her former friends turn on her.

The movie follows Mary, a good Christian girl, who ends up in a not so Christian situation. She does her best to hide her pregnancy from everyone, but it doesn't end up being so easy. She's got Hilary Faye out to get her and bad girl Cassandra has figured her out.

There is also the small problem of her crush on the school principal's son, Patrick.

This is a great story about finding out who you are and who you can really count on. It's quirky, hilarious and full of heart. Plus, Macaulay Culkin!!


  1. I remember this movie! It was funny. I didn't know it came out in 2004. Makes me feel kinda old. Lol.

  2. I love this movie! Mandy Moore is fabulous in it. "I am filled with Christ's love!" Hahahahaha. I need to watch it again.



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