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Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 Day Weekend Read-a-thon!

My life has been one giant ball of crazy these past 2 weeks and I have gotten behind on everything, including laundry and reading *sad face*. In celebration of my life finally starting to resemble normal again, and because it is Biketoberfest and I am going to avoid driving as much as possible, I'm having myself a little read-a-thon! With laundry and bathroom breaks included, of course :0)

I've got so many books that I am psyched to read, but just haven't had the time lately. I'll be updating all weekend and sharing my thoughts, review snippets, if you will. Since reading is the best, I encourage everyone to partake, and we can share what we've been reading and provide encouragement along the way. I promise internet hugs for everyone! Anyone who wants to join in on the fun, please feel free to post about it on your own blogs and leave your link here so we can all cheer each other on :0)

I've armed myself with Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles, lots of bottled water, and a big, beautiful pile of books :0) So here we go!

Happy Reading!

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