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Monday, April 9, 2012

Month of Cinder Guest Post: Michelle @ The Passionate Bookworm

Today I'm so excited to be hosting Michelle @ The Passionate Bookworm! Michelle is awesome and is the creator of the beautiful Red Riding Hood swag I'll be giving away all month long! If you don't know Michelle, check her out on twitter @YA_BookWorm07, and say hi! Today she is sharing with us, some of the things she loved most about Cinder and what she's hoping for in book two, SCARLET!

Things I loved about Cinder:
Breaking it down is going be be difficult for me. The book as a whole was just, so wonderful and diverse! But if I had to:

1.The characters- They all had flaws. Some FAR more than others. But it felt real. Rather than having them all be Completely evil or Completely Pure and good.

2. The world!- It was amazing to me how it could feel so futuristic and have a historical feel to it at the same time! I have not read very many stories that were set in a country outside of U.S. So to me this felt very unique and really helped hold my interest.

3. The romance- It's not BAM in your face. It slowly heats up, cools down and then comes to a boil! At times it just sat there in the back of my mind like a comforting sigh.. and at others it had me swooning all over the place!

4. The fairy tale lurking in the background- Going into this story I knew it was a fairy tale retelling/twist. So it took me by surprise when I got so sucked into the story that, that fact was not ever-present in every thought. I would be reading through it and then *click* the fairy tale aspect would work its way into the story and give me flashbacks to my childhood. I enjoyed the fact that while you can tell that it is pulling from a classic fairy tale, it had its own original take on it and did not over power me with likenesses.

There are SO many more things I loved about this book, but I hope those few help convince you to GO READ THIS BOOK NOW!


Things that I hope to happen in Book #2 - Scarlet
1. I hope Scarlet is a kick a** character! Cinder was so interesting and not just a girl who sat around and felt sorry for herself, I hope that Scarlet is just as strong a character and I cannot wait to see how they meet up!

2. I read somewhere that the "wolf" in the story is a man that helps Scarlet - do I predict some romance? I hope so ! I think it could be a really interesting take on it.. even if he is the "bad boy"

3. To not be spoilery to those who haven't read Book #1 I will simply say I hope one of my favorite quirky characters from Cinder comes back soon!

4. I hope the Evil Lunar queen gets the but kicking she deserves!

5. Last but not least I hope that we learn more about Cinder's past and how she got where she is now!

The Lunar Chronicles is a series that I hope many others fall in love with as much as I have. Such an Original take an a story that is well loved should not be overlooked!


  1. Very nice and concise!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! :D I especially love Michelle's description of the romance. ;) Cannot wait to start this one.



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