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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 3

I've been so fortunate to meet so many awesome people because of blogging, and even more fortunate for some of those online friendships to be able to transfer to real life :0)

Jenna @ Jenna Does Books (Formerly Making the Grade): Jenna was my first online blogger friend whom I got to meet in real life. It was the book launch for Kristen Simmons debut 'Article 5', which also happened to be my first author event. I might have talked Jenna's ear off about how she should read more contemps, we chatted about other book nerdy things, and a friendship was born. Since then we've met up multiple times at other book events and other times just because. Jenna is pretty darn awesome and I feel lucky to count her as a real life friend :0)

Jenna and I at Trish Doller's launch for 'Something Like Normal'

Sarah @ The YA Rebels and Besides sharing a name, Sarah and I also share a home state. We met for the first time in Miami at a Spring into the Future event. We got to hang out more, and get to know each other better, at the Olde City, New Blood convention earlier this year, where we were both moderators. Next years incarnation, Coastal Magic, will be even cooler because Sarah will be there as an author for her books under the pen name Aria Kane.  Sarah is one cool chick and I'm so excited for her and am glad to have her as a friend :0)

Sarah and I at the Olde City, New Blood convention!

Shanon @ Escaping with Fiction: This one is a little different situation. Shanon is actually my real life BFF and I've known her since before I had this little blog here. My book blogging was actually the inspiration behind Shanon starting her blog. It's so much fun having a best friend who is just as into books and blogging as I am, not to mention there is always a built in buddy for book events :0)

Shanon and I at Trish Doller's launch for 'Something Like Normal'

I love these ladies and I can't wait for more fun bookish, and otherwise, adventures with them :0)

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