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Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

A good friend, and fellow blogger, just posted this challenge on her blog and it looks like fun. I've been kind of lax on new content as of late, so if I don't have new books to talk about all the time, I figure I can at least share a little about the person behind The Book Life :0)

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge originated over at Good Books and Good Wine. Head on over there to check out all of the official information, and if any of you decide to participate, they'll have a linky each day for you to add your posts to!

The Book Life's book related confessions:

* Before blogging, my bookshelves were mostly filled with books I only bought because I thought people would be impressed that I owned them.
It's true, I used to be that girl. Back then I didn't read for enjoyment, or really read at all, for that matter. Once I started really paying attention to what I wanted to read, my bookshelves got a lot less pretentious.

* Twilight is the sole reason I started reading YA.
On the rare occasion I did read, I only read chick lit novels. One day I happened upon Twilight and I just couldn't devour those books fast enough. They sparked my desire to read more YA, and for that I am grateful, but I made the mistake of re-reading the series and discovered just how terrible it truly is.

* I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of books on my shelves and have to purge.
I routinely go through phases where I feel suffocated by the amount of books that have taken over my space and I have to weed them out a little. Most of the time the books I get rid of are ones I haven't even read yet.

* I absolutely hate 'Romeo & Juliet'.
Everyone loves this play and waxes poetic about how romantic it is, but I can't stand it. I get so angry when I start talking about, in fact I'm feeling a little agitated while typing this, because there is nothing romantic about this story. I think it gives people a warped view of what love is supposed to be.

* I will not crease a spine on any book and I feel personally assaulted, as a book lover, when I see other people doing it.
I completely understand that this is absolutely ridiculous, but I can't help it. I will do whatever I can to make sure that no crease ends up in the spine when I am reading a book. This is probably a good reason why my e-reader and I are a perfect fit.

* I don't organize my bookshelves.
I always tell myself I am going to do something cool, like organize them by color or by author, but it just doesn't happen. Right now they are sort of separated by contemporary and not contemporary, but they are already co-mingling.

* I almost never read a book before seeing the movie.
Unless I read the book years before it was even thinking of becoming a movie. If a book wasn't on my radar previously, and I see that it's got a movie coming out, I'll usually just wait and see the movie.

* I have a one-click addiction.
I just recently got a Nook HD and with that the ability to download the Kindle app and read Kindle books. Amazon has so many amazing deals and freebies, I can't stop one-clicking, even though I literally have more books that I can likely read in my lifetime.

* I DNF books all of the time.
There are so many books on my shelves (real and digital), so if I'm still not feeling a story after the first 50 or 60 pages, I don't bother trying to make myself finish it. I have enough books to choose from, that I don't have any reason to waste my time on something I'm not enjoying.

* I never thought I would enjoy reading erotica, but I actually really enjoy it.
I've always loved me some trashy romance novels, but I never thought I would enjoy reading the stories that went full on sexytimes. Turns out I quite like reading them from time to time, and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it.

* Some days I stalk blogs looking for new book recs, when I should really be reading one of the many books I already own.
I can't be the only one here...

* I can't stand mermaid stories and I'm usually pretty reluctant to pick up stories about fae.
There isn't one specific thing that makes me dislike these particular types of books, but I've not found many stories in either group that have been able to get and hold my attention.

* I own three e-readers.
Because I'm weird like that.

* I like a bad boy, but I love a geek.

* I can't stand audiobooks.
In theory, audiobooks are great, but in reality they just don't work for me. As much as it's nice to have someone read to me, I get so impatient listening to audiobooks, because I know if I was actually reading the book I could have it finished in a third of the time.

What are you're book blogger confessions?


  1. If I were to write up book blogger confessions, many of them would be the same as yours.

    Twilight also introduced me to the world of YA books, and I will be forever thankful for that. I too, have a one-click addiction, and own multiple e-readers. I also spend way too much time stalking book blogs and reviews rather than reading all of the books overflowing my shelves. And I get very overwhelmed by my TBR shelf.

    While I haven't quite gotten into erotica (I've read only a couple books in that genre), I have recently realized how much I love romance novels--something I never though I would. Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress paranormal romance series is now my all-time favorite series, and I love Samantha Young's On Dublin Road.

    But... I just love organizing my bookshelf, and so do often. It's therapeutic for me! :-) And I have really gotten into listening to audiobooks in the past couple of years. Even though they are narrated at a slower pace than my reading speed, they allow me to "read" when I otherwise would not be able to (like when cleaning my apartment and running errands). I also love listening to audiobooks before bed when I'm too tired to read.

  2. I own 2 ereaders. We might have a bit of a reading problem. :)

  3. I don't know if you've read Eleanor and Park, but there's one scene that deals with Romeo and Juliet. Eleanor says that it's Shakespeare making fun of love, which is an interpretation I agree with. I appreciate it, just not as a romance.



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