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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Impatiently Waiting!

There are so many amazing titles coming out over the next few months, but my TBR is huge and I'm trying to wait patiently while I read the books I am lucky enough to already have. However, there are a few upcoming books coming out before the end of this year, that I would sell my left arm for. I'd stand on one leg, twirling in a circle, while simultaneously patting my head and rubbing my stomach, if I was given the chance to read these books. I'm weird, I've accepted it :0)

The Books:

I keep obsessing with myself over these titles. TOUCHING THE SURFACE is a debut and LIVE THROUGH THIS is the authors second book (which I am embarassed to admit that I didn't know and thought it was a debut... *adds FREEFALL to TBR :0)) , and they both sound so amazing! STEALING PARKER is a companion to one of my favorite reads of last year and I can't wait to dive into it!

Have any of you read these? Are they as amazing as they look? What are your most wanted reads for the rest of this year? You can leave them in the comments, I love adding books to my TBR list :0)


  1. "I'd stand on one leg, twirling in a circle, while simultaneously patting my head and rubbing my stomach . . . " <--Okay, that mental image kind of totally made my night. (Or morning, if we're getting technical.)

    BUT ANYWAYS, totally, TOTALLY agreed with these. I am in love with the look and sound of TOUCHING THE SURFACE and LIVE THROUGH THIS, and while I haven't read CATCHING JORDAN yet (I know! I need to get on that!), I've heard it and its sequel are fabulous. :D

  2. I'm definitely super excited for both TOUCHING THE SURFACE and STEALING PARKER. TOUCHING THE SURFACE sounds so cool and the cover is just gorgeousss. <3 And STEALING PARKER? What is there to say? I loved CATCHING JORDAN, and I'm sure STEALING PARKER is just as fabulous. :) I've never heard of LIVE THROUGH THIS, so thanks for bringing it to my attention, Sarah! <3 :)

  3. Touching the Surface sounds great! And Stealing Parking is on my must-read pile. Really enjoyed Catching Jordan, so am looking forward to this one :)



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