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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty Little Liars...TV crack at it's finest :0)

Despite all of my proclamations that I would not keep watching this show, once the new season started, I am still watching this show. And despite some of it's obvious plot holes and cheesy storylines, I love it. I'm far too old to spend so much time watching a show about 17 year old girls, let alone discussing with friends who the mysterious "A" might be. Still, tomorrow morning I'm sure my bestie and I will be talking about how Caleb's hair made him look a little skeevy on tonights episode, while Jason's everything was totally jumpable :0) Considering "A" knows every move these girls make and always knows the exact moment to text, no matter where they are or if they are even in the same place, I am convinced that the entire town of Rosewood is "A" and the only ones not in on it are our 4 main girls. And Toby, because hasn't he been the bad guy long enough? Team Toby!

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